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Meet Anni: 

Anni is a UK trained and registered mental health nurse, with a specialisation in adolescents and families both in the UK and most recently in the UAE. Anni has worked across governmental and private services both clinically and in operational management.


With over 7 years of experience across fast-paced inpatient settings, community outpatient and school outreach programmes, Anni brings a wealth of experience to the MindReset team. This experience includes stress and anxiety management, support with and reduction of self-harm, suicidal and negative thought patterns, attachment and trauma-focused care, emotional resilience building, and familial mediation and communication improvement.


Anni is also a qualified Advanced Life Coach and a certified Reiki Master, therefore, holds a unique combination of experience and expertise which is rare within the UAE.  


Anni has transitioned from full-time healthcare settings and expanded her training as she understands, from personal and professional experience, that healing looks different for all of us. She is passionate about fusing evidence-based approaches with motivational, empowering coaching and energy healing to ensure her clients receive a bespoke programme individualized to their needs. Anni believes everyone deserves to have the opportunity to choose their own journey and her intention is to guide and support them in improving their emotional well-being and achieving their goals.

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