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Who Are the Corporate Health Classes For?

We offer a full range of corporate health programs, fitness classes and wellness training designed to keep your workplace healthy and productive.


Live Webinar options also available!

We have an extensive nationwide network of facilitators and fitness instructors, enabling us to provide health and fitness services via online webinars, or at your premises in Dubai and more. Our facilitators are Dubai’s leading practitioners in their fields and we guarantee you’ll receive the best quality classes and sessions available.


Our Corporate Health Classes and Fitness Programs

MindReset Corporate Holistic Wellness offers a wide range of corporate health classes and fitness programs that can be included in your workplace wellness program. Most of the classes and programs achieve best results when delivered on an ongoing weekly basis.

Here are some of the classes we can offer:

Corporate Fitness / Workplace Wellness Classes

We have a huge range of corporate fitness programs that can be customised to suit your workplace, including:

·       Pilates (also via webinar)

·       Boot Camp

·       Stretching Classes (also via webinar)

·       Team Games

·       Cardio Sessions

·       Weight Loss Programs

·       Boxing

·       Martial Arts


Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga helps keep your employees fit, healthy and flexible in both body and mind. It provides all the benefits that result from reducing stress, plus the additional benefits from improved physical health. Also available via online webinar so your staff can participate when working from home.


Meditation Classes and Relaxation Techniques

Our workplace meditation classes teach your staff new skills and techniques for stress management, stress relief, resiliency and general workplace wellbeing.


Tai Chi / Qigong Classes

Tai chi (Qi Gong) is fast becoming one of the most popular components of corporate wellness programs around the world. Tai chi refreshes, relaxes, and re-energizes employees without the strain of other kinds of exercise sessions. It improves both mental and physical health in one easy step.


Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program


Research has shown that corporate health programs bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to the employees as well as long-term financial benefits for the employer.


Some benefits of MindReset Corporate Holistic Wellness workplace wellbeing programs include:

·       Improved employee mental and physical health

·       Increased employee trust, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty

·       Fostering a community feeling amongst employees

·       Reduced stress-related issues

·       Increased employee resilience

·       Improved focus and concentration

·       Higher morale in the workplace

·       Demonstrating that your organisation cares for its employees


As a result of these benefits the company will benefit financially due to:

·       Improved performance and productivity

·       Lowered absenteeism rates

·       Reduced staff turnover and therefore reduced recruitment and training costs

·       Becoming an employer of choice, which helps attract and retain the best staff.

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