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Ergonomic Assessments 

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services  offers workplace ergonomic assessments, office ergonomics training courses and online tools to help reduce injuries such as back pain, RSI, and OOS in your workplace. (Available throughout Dubai and the GCC, or via video webinar).

We can provide you with the following workplace ergonomics-related services:

·       Ergonomic assessments

·       Ergonomics consultants

·       Short ergonomic training programs for general staff

·       Train your own in-house ergonomics specialists

·       Ergonomic office design

Ergonomics is the science that looks at how people interact with their work environment and seeks to optimise their health and wellbeing for the purpose of preventing injury & increasing productivity. 42% of all serious worker’s compensation claims are the result of sprain injury & strains of joints & adjacent muscles.


"I requested an assessment of home office setup. The physio Gerald called on time and gave me useful tips on how to prevent neck and wrist injuries when working at home. Very happy with the service."


Vish Patel,

HR Manager, Dubai UAE

Ergonomic Assessments and Consultants

Our office ergonomic consultants come to your workplace to conduct workstation assessments. They will ensure that employee workstations are set up in an ergonomically correct manner to minimise the risk of injury, reduce operator fatigue and discomfort, and thus maximise productivity.

Our ergonomic consultants are expert occupational therapists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who will look at the following:

·       Workstations

·       Equipment including chairs & phones

·       Computers and computer setup

·       Staff posture

·       Physical work demands

·       Stretches for injury prevention

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As part of the ergonomic assessment, we will also look at any relevant work, health and safety (WHS/OHS) policies or guidelines that you have at your workplace. The output is a detailed set of reports including recommendations for each employee.

The ergonomic assessments are customisable and will be tailored to suit your specific industry, your staff and their specific requirements.


Virtual Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

Ensure that staff who work from home avoid discomfort and injury. Our ergonomics consultants can assess their home office setup virtually (via Zoom, Skype or phone with photographs), and provide individually tailored advice. 


Ergonomics Assessment Prices

Our ergonomic assessment rates are very affordable.

Benefits of Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

We believe that conducting an ergonomic assessment is a vital component to your workplace health and wellness program, as this one-off process is a cost-effective way of addressing one of the major causes of workplace injuries and insurance claims. 

Many people aren’t aware that their headaches, neck pain and back pain may be caused by their poor sitting posture and workstation set-up. Making ergonomic improvements will reduce the risks for MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and decrease their incidence in the workplace. 

In addition to safeguarding workers’ health and wellbeing, making the ergonomic improvements recommended by our assessment will also:

·       increase concentration and productivity, as employees aren’t distracted by aches and pains

·       decrease employee absenteeism

·       decrease employee turnover

·       lower workers compensation costs

·       provide a duty of care to employees

Our assessments regularly identify small improvements to workplace ergonomics that bring about measurable results.

We recommend maximising the benefits of your workplace ergonomic assessment by putting your staff through our 1-hour office ergonomics training course, conducted on-site at your workplace, followed with the workstation assessments later in the day. We also offer the option to create personalized stretch routines during the workstation assessments, as well as on-site physiotherapists which can be a proactive way to minimise workers injuries, and health insurance claims. 


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