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Event Massage and Conferences

Our corporate event massage service is guaranteed to be an extremely popular attraction at your next corporate function or conference!

Whether the audience for your corporate event is your staff, conference delegates, your clients or potential clients, giving them a quick massage will impress them and leave them with an unforgettable memory of your company.

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services has been providing services for corporate events and conferences in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Event Massage Prices

Our event massage rates are very affordable.

"Tammy was very organised and professional. All staff had a great massage experience!"

by Julia Cordina,

Legal Aid, Dubai

Event Massage as a Marketing Tool

Successful marketers have realised that using seated massage as a marketing tool is one of the best corporate event ideas. It’s a favourite attraction at conventions, trade shows, product launches, corporate events, parties and conferences.

People will jump at the idea of something for free, so offering free massages is guaranteed to draw a crowd – they’ll be lining up for their turn, which gives your sales team a captive audience!

Providing your potential customers with a seated massage:

·       is a great ice breaker

·       relaxes them

·       draws them into conversation

·       impresses them

·       eases their worries away

·       is an innovative approach ensuring they remember your brand over others

·       leads to clients / delegates associating your company’s name with being well              looked after

There’s no other marketing idea that you could use that will give you so many benefits for such a small investment!

Event Massage as a Fun Corporate Event Idea

For some corporate events, the main idea is to simply provide people with fun and rewarding activities. This is especially true for events such as: Christmas parties, Golf days and sporting functions. For these types of occasions, massage is an absolute winner!

Conference Massage

Massage, including Reflexology, is also a great idea at conferences. Whether your group is large or small, having a quick break between sessions gives attendees an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation, leaving them rejuvenated, energised, and ready for the next session.



"Our massage therapist was fabulous."

by Shannon Hollick,

Events Manager, Abu Dhabi

Details of our Event Massage or Reflexology Service

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services can fulfil all your requirements no matter the size of your event. Here are the main details:

·       Seated massages are usually 5, 10, or 15 minutes long depending on your event          schedule and budget.

·       No oils are used and the person keeps all their clothes on.

·       Recipient is sitting in a special seated massage chair and leaning forward,                  resting their head on a specially designed, ergonomic headrest.

·       The back and shoulders are the main point of focus (the areas which get tight              and tend to hold tension).

·       The back and shoulders are the main point of focus (the areas which get tight              and tend to hold tension).

·       Our therapists are Dubai’s best, and are fully qualified, insured, as well as highly          experienced. All are registered with AAMT or ATMS and hold current First Aid              Certificates.

·       Ask us about providing Foot Reflexology as part of a massage program consisting          of at least 15-minute appointments.

Other Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Looking for some other ideas for corporate activities? MindReset Corporate Holistic Services can provide lots of other fun activities for your event, including:

·       Yoga classes

·       Pilates

·       Tai Chi classes

·       Laughter Yoga Workshops

·       Readers (Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Psychics)


Thank you so much, everybody loved it and was very happy and relaxed!

by Magdalena Henderson,

HR Director, Dubai

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