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Keynote, Conference and Guest Speakers

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services has unparalleled experience in holistic health and wellness, with a range of expert keynote speakers and conference speakers available in Dubai and throughout the GCC.

Tell us about your conference or event and we’ll be able to suggest keynote speakers and speech topics. Our guest speakers will then align with the intention behind your event to present an inspiring keynote speech that engages delegates. 

Our dynamic guest speakers keep abreast of the latest news and research pertaining to their field. They will deliver a powerful and highly informative speech to match your conference outcomes.


Our guest and conference speakers cover topics including:

·       Motivation

·       Inspiring Confidence

·       Stress Management

·       Work Life Balance

·       Setting and Achieving Goals

·       Wellness and Wellbeing

·       Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

·       Optimising Energy

·       Maximising your Potential

·       Emotional Intelligence

Our guest and conference speakers are flexible and can include any specific areas you may wish to cover.

We are experienced in delivering inspirational speeches at conferences, expos, forums and many other events. Whether your conference is big or small, our professional team of keynote speakers will deliver an engaging, motivational, interactive, and fun presentation.

In addition to providing keynote speakers, motivational guest speakers, and conference speakers, we can also facilitate innovative activities (including Ice Breakers and corporate event activities) to engage the audience. We ensure that your conference delegates will leave feeling stimulated and inspired!

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