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Leadership Training and Development

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services can help you with all aspects of leadership training and development:

We provide leadership training and development services throughout Dubai, including all capital cities (UAE and the GCC) as well as regional centres, and also via online webinars and live video coaching. Our leadership and development services include:

·       business coaching and wellness coaching for individuals

·       corporate culture change for a department or the entire organisation

·       organising corporate retreats for your training sessions.


Wellness Coaching & Business Coaching

Our wellness coaches can help your top staff be more effective by helping them to maintain physical and mental health. Our business coaches use an integral approach. We offer a team of coaches and a broad range of skills to cover:

·       Practical business skills

·       Workforce management skills

·       Personal wellness skills

Our business and wellness coaches help you take both your business and yourself to the next level.


Corporate Retreats

At MindReset Corporate Holistic Services, we take all the hassle out of planning and organising your next corporate or business retreat – we can coordinate everything for you: accommodation, transportation, a facilitator, team building activities, healthy gourmet meals, entertainment and more. We’re especially good at organising retreats with a healthy or holistic flavour.

Organisational Culture Change

At MindReset Corporate Holistic Services, we specialise in creating the type of cultural change that focuses on valuing and empowering the organisation’s employees. We’ll tailor our programs to suit your company’s specific industry and demographic. Whether you want to focus on changing the culture within a particularly problematic department, or you want to improve the culture across the entire organisation, we’ll partner with you to help you reach your desired outcomes.

We can help you with leadership training in the UAE and the GCC.

·       Corporate Massage

·       Workplace Wellness Programs

·       Corporate Health Classes

·       Team Building & Corporate Events

·       Ergonomic Assessments & Training

·       Annual Health and Wellbeing Programs

·       Workplace Health and Wellness Expo

·       Leadership Training and Development

o  Business/Wellness Coaching

o  Corporate Retreats

o  Organisational Culture Change

o  Culture of Wellness©

·       Keynote Speakers

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