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Office Massage

Office massage is now a common part of most corporate health and wellness programs.

Since 2022, Holistic Services Group has been providing seated massage services to offices in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Office Massage as Morale Booster

Providing your employees with an office massage is a great way to show that the company cares about its staff. This results in improved staff morale, and therefore improved performance and staff retention.

Office Massages as Rewards

Office massage is an easy to implement and effective reward system for your workforce. Motivate your staff by giving them a massage when they complete a project, reach a sales target or achieve some other performance milestone.

Added benefits are reducing lost productivity due to chronic aches and pains.

Our experienced therapists will come to your office and can perform either seated massage sessions or table massage sessions:

  • Seated massage can be done at each employee’s office desk

  • Or we can set up in a separate meeting room or office space for seated or table massage.

We can cater for all sized companies, no matter how many or how few employees you have. Our therapists can also accommodate any cultural sensitivity that your staff may have. They will collect feedback forms from your staff and produce a feedback summary report that you can give to your manager to show the positive impact made upon your workplace. Research consistently shows that an on-site chair massage program significantly reduces anxiety levels of employees.

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