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Resiliency Training and Positive Psychology

Building resilience in the workplace is vital for any organisation wanting staff to operate at peak efficiency.

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services offers a range of positive psychology and resilience training workshops in the UAE and the GCC, that will teach your employees how to build resilience at work. 

Our Resilience Training Programs

MRCHS tailors resilience training programs that include positive psychology exercises to suit the needs of your workplace. Our offerings include (but are not limited to):

  • 1.5 hour training

  • half day training

  • full day training

  • series of 1 hour “Lunch ‘n’ Learn” Sessions

Topics covered

  • What is wellbeing? “The pleasant life, the engaged life, the meaningful life”

  • Gratitude and positivity, limiting beliefs, expecting/visualising success

  • Where is your attention? What you resist persists

  • Positive emotions and physical wellbeing

  • Resiliency actions

  • Signature strengths – your ‘natural’ gifts

  • Facing problems with confidence / Challenges as growth opportunities

  • Values that contribute to wellbeing

  • Communication and relationships

  • Planned decisions, persistence and follow through


"The stress/resilience webinar was informative and practical. Well paced. Presenter was pleasant and engaging. Presentation was useful and will be shared with those who attended and those who didn’t.
Thank you Ryko"

Anne Crowley,

Education Sector, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Resilience Training Exercises

All our resilience workshops are highly interactive and your staff will be fully engaged with practical activities which can include:

  • Gratitude journal

  • Guided visualisation

  • Flash cards

  • ‘My Values’

  • Work/Life balance wheel

  • ’80th Birthday’ – Your future self

  • Signature strengths reflection (in pairs)

  • Stepping into action – creating a vision & goals

  • Vision board

What is Resilience?

Resilience is usually defined as “the positive capacity to cope with stress or adversity”. Resilience in the workplace refers to an employee’s ability to cope with the various challenges of the modern workplace: learning new technology, organisational change, downsizing, mergers, increased workload, budget pressures or deadlines.

Research has shown that resilience is “the single most important factor in determining whether a person is successful, satisfied and happy” (Shatt, 2008, The Resilience Factor).

Building resilience also reduces stress and lessens the risk of depression and mental illness. Research by the Black Dog Institute (a mental health organisation) shows enhanced resilience leads to a “significant improvement in job satisfaction, productivity and retention in the workplace.” Provide your employees with the resilience training and skills they need to perform at their best.


"It was really nice to be able to have all our team from all over the world join the online session with our facilitator for a Stress/Resilience presentation via Zoom, and to be able to make it available for those who were unable to join us at the time via a recording.
The team at Holistic Services Group were very helpful and considerate to our needs and what we wanted out of the presentation and organised everything for us very smoothly!"

by Stella Diamond,

Communications Director, Maritime/Logistics company, Dubai

What is Positive Psychology?

Traditional psychology waits for problems to arise and treats them. Positive psychology focuses on the good things and how to strengthen them. Positive psychologists seek out and nurture talent to make life more fulfilling, rather than merely treating mental illness.

Positive psychology has contributed a great deal to workplace training programs and activities in the workplace.

According to Positive Psychology, there are 5 elements of well-being:

  • Positive Emotion

  • Engagement

  • Relationships

  • Meaning

  • Accomplishments

All elements can be measured and there are practical exercises to improve the quality of each element in our lives. By teaching your staff how to integrate these factors at work, you’re also giving them skills they can use in their home life. This results in your staff feeling happier and more satisfied, leading to improved staff morale and workplace performance.

The webinar was very well received by our students, with a high number of registration. Please see student feedback below.

  • Peter is an engaging and informative speaker. He speaks from experience on a subject we all need to master.

  • Gratefulness and thankfulness for it all as a great learning experience:)

  • A brilliant, simple, yet detailed explanation of building the skills and thinking to focus your attention on thoughts, feelings, and practices which help overcome overwhelm, stress and heightened emotions.

  • The Resilience webinar helped me with putting life in perspective. It was very helpful. Thank you

  • Very interesting webinar. I appreciated how the presenter used the brain diagram and mapping to explain different mental states, and how we can foster resilience in ourselves and support others to do the same.

  • Really helpful information and tools to adjust your mindset!

  • It was really helpful for my own personal development and I learnt many tools I can use as a practitioner to help my clients.

  • Sound advice from the heart, that aligns with everything we are learning

  • It felt informal even though it was evident that a lot of time, thought and discussion had gone into the session. Peter raised a lot of relevant impacts, related these to his personal experiences and journey, and did it in a positive and considered way. I enjoyed this session very much.

  • It was a great – very practical and very useful. You should do it, it will change how you think, perceive and feel.

by Sophie Merchant,

Healthcare Corporation, Dubai

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