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Corporate Team Bonding Activities

Explore our choice of corporate team bonding activities and games for indoor or outdoor events in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.


You’re sure to find the perfect activity for your team bonding days, events or conferences, among our wide range of group activities.

We pride ourselves on bringing the utmost professionalism and personalised service to the planning and execution of your corporate team bonding events, thus ensuring it’s a huge success.

Here are some of our most popular team bonding activities and ideas:

Laughter Yoga (also via webinar)

Laughter unites people and improves the way they relate to each other. This is a fun, dynamic and innovative activity that will have your team laughing themselves into a positive frame of mind and better health. Creative exercises involving breathing and laughter leave you feeling joyous & energised.

Corporate Team Cooking Classes

This interactive team bonding activity is a metaphor for the challenges faced by staff on a daily basis. The team learns by experience, that by planning ahead, and then working co-operatively, communicating effectively, and paying attention to their time management, they will succeed at a difficult task. To top it all off they learn that healthy food can taste great!

The Great Race

Another one of our fun team bonding activity ideas is a competition in which your staff form into teams who race against the clock to complete a list of fun tasks. It’s fast-paced, adventurous and loads of fun!

Ice Breaker Activities

Including some fun ice breaker activities in your workshop, seminar or conference is a great way to raise the energy levels of participants and give them a memorable experience. Our facilitators have lots of ice breaker ideas and they know what works with small groups and what works with large groups.

Keynote Speaker

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services has unparalleled experience in holistic health and wellness and we also have access to a wide range of keynote and conference speakers who are experts in a range of motivational and wellness fields.

Business Vision Board

Visioning and goal setting are powerful ways of boosting morale, inspiring and creating new team cultures, and elevating resiliency. It creates a clear pathway to show where individuals and your team are heading in both their personal and professional development.


This pathway leads to employees feeling energised and reconnected to their engaged, empowered, confident self. They are reminded of what it feels like to be in alignment with their highest values and goals, which powerfully awakens positive inspiration and change.


This hands-on experiential session encourages a lasting culture of playfulness, empowerment, engagement, balance, inspired performance, innovation, connection and gratitude, by getting team members to share their vision of themselves and their ideal future. It enhances self-awareness, personalised learning and accountability, with a focus on participation, inclusion and promoting a culture consisting of openness and transparency

The Survivor Experience

“Corporate Survivor” is a unique and powerful adventure, based on the popular TV series. It looks at how we rely on each other to carry out individual and team-focused tasks.


The objective of this event is to bond your teams / tribes by having them working together and remaining calm, clear and focused. The challenges are fun, they build team spirit, and will stretch the castaways outside of their physical, emotional and mental comfort zones, providing them with unique problem-solving opportunities as they work together to “survive.”


Your Survivor challenges will be tackling key Health and Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance topics such as:

·       Finding “Presence” within stress

·       Awakening “Innovation and Creativity” under pressure

·       Remaining “Resilient” in a changing environment with growing priorities

·       Tapping into the power of “Team and Collaboration”

·       Healthy Food, Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind

·       Making “Time Management” work for you

·       Being the best “Leader” of change

More Corporate Event Activities & Ideas

In addition to the above-mentioned team bonding activities, we can also provide other activities suitable for conferences, trade shows and other corporate events, including:


·       Seated massage

·       Stretching / Yoga class  / Aerial yoga

·       Aerobics and Fitness programs

·       Tai Chi and Qi Gong

·       Mindfulness Meditation training

·       Beauty treatments

·       Healthy Lifestyle sessions

If you’re looking for a specific team bonding activity that we don’t have listed, please give us a call. Through our extensive network of facilitators, we design customised events and activities to match your specific needs.

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