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Thriving in a Pandemic

Here’s what you need to know about MindReset Corporate Holistic Services  services in relation to COVID 19:


We can now deliver most of our services via live webinars, so your staff can participate from their office desk or home office. For more details read: Coronavirus: 5 Ways MindReset Corporate Holistic Services Can Help Alleviate Staff Stress, Remote Worker Disengagement and Declining Morale

Due to popular request, we have created an extensive series of COVID-related sessions and team-building activities which provide powerful tools to empower staff for work and home:

• Don’t Expect To Stay Calm – Stay Connected
• Thriving and Surviving During a Pandemic
• Managing Stress for Remote Workers
• Staying Engaged as a Remote Employee
• Coping With Stress, Isolation and Uncertainty
• Managing Worry and Anxiety
• Finding Balance through a Repertoire of Mindfulness Techniques
• Juggling Work/Life in a Changed Environment
• Juggling Work at Home with Kids
• Panic or Poise – Transforming Your Life
• Re-Connecting a Disconnected Team
• Remaining Present and Engaged in Your Work and Life
• Reinvent Yourself – Making the Most of an Opportunity
• Digital Detox: “Disconnect to Connect”

Get a FREE 
1-hour online health class
(Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Tai Chi)
when you book any 1-hour webinar
and 3 x 1-hour online health classes.
Discounts also apply when you purchase more than 6 or 12 Meditation Classes.


1-on-1 Coaching (including Mental Health and Wellness Coaching)

MindReset Corporate Holistic Services  offers blocks of 1-on-1 coaching (minimum 20 hours). Your staff can phone or SMS us with an urgent request and we’ll ensure a time slot is made within the next 24-48hrs.

Corporate Massage Hygiene

Our massage staff follow the highest industry standards for Infection Control to maximise client safety:

·       Our practitioners follow the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) Massage Therapy              Code of Conduct, which includes guidelines for Infection Control and Hygiene.

·       Hand hygiene: our massage therapists wash or sanitise their hands before and after                  contact with each client.

·       For desk massage, disposable covers are placed over the face cushions, and the cushion is          cleaned after each client.

·       For table massage, linen is changed and the table is cleaned after each client.

·       Practitioners with current or recent colds, or flu-like symptoms will remain at home in                    isolation until at least a week after the symptoms have passed.

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