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Tricia Diez

Stress affects us all, at any age, in any situation, and can seriously damage our body and physical health, our relationships, our work life, our finances, our sleep and our wellbeing.  As a French-English speaking Psychology graduate and Performance Coach, with more than 20 years of experience with individual clients and in the Corporate setting, I offer people the opportunity to see their lives from different angles.  Originally from Australia, I have traveled and lived in the UK, France, and Dubai, offering support to people through their challenges.  I've worked in the US, Germany and Ireland hosting retreats and conferences. 

My clients work through the confusion they experience and see what is really the cause of their struggle.   We take a look at where they are, how they got there and where they want to be and through a very powerful yet simple process, they find their own solutions.   They start to understand their lives better and they live better.  This method and approach applies to all people of all ages and in all situations, individually or in groups.

In a Corporate setting, Teams, Groups, and Management come together in workshops to understand what exactly is holding them back from loving their work, performing at their best, being really good at their job, communicating better, managing conflict, absenteeism, hiring well, firing well and disengagement.  We see and hear everything that is important to those at the top and those they manage and we help them to work on what they can't see.  We help to improve the intangible.  We guide them to enjoy and thrive when they thought it was impossible.  Tools are shared which change lives both on a personal and professional level.  Employees feel valued and supported by their management, and management feels relieved that they have been able to trust this process in finding true well-being for all.

 My sessions and workshops help people to see the power within them to make the changes they have been waiting for. The wait is over for someone else to "fix" something and an exciting life begins. The shift from fearful to fearless is immediate.  My clients discover, very quickly, that they are their own solution.   They tell me that what used to cause stress... no longer does. 

These sessions show you how YOU get to help YOU ... 

It’s wonderful news to know that YOU... are the one you've been waiting for all along.


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