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Wellness Coaching & Business Coaching

Our personal wellness coaches and business coaches help take you and your company to the next level.

As your business grows and adapts to changing market conditions, your management team needs to learn new skills, and that’s why hiring a business coach is a wise strategy to bring adaptability to yourself and your company.

A personal wellness coach will help your management leaders keep their bodies and minds in great shape so they can operate at peak efficiency.

All top athletes have training coaches, as do those at the top of many other fields of endeavour, and it’s no surprise that more and more leaders are hiring a business coach or expert consultant to help them reach their full potential.

What Can a Wellness Coach or Business Coach Help Me With?

We have a team of facilitators and trainers with a broad range of skills. These skills can be grouped into 3 broad categories:

·       Practical business skills

·       Workforce management skills

·       Personal health and wellness skills

Many coaching organisations assist with practical business skills. Mindreset Corporate Holistic Services differs by also helping you introduce workforce initiatives to increase staff morale, loyalty and productivity. We understand that a growing business becomes increasingly dependent upon how its employees perform and interact.

Unlike most other business coaches, our people realise that bringing financial success to your business means little if stress and overwork affect your health and leave you no time to enjoy your life. Our wellness coaches help you achieve both career success and the work / life balance that you’re after.


Practical Business Skills

If it’s practical skills you’re after, our business coaches can assist in areas including:

·       Goal setting and providing direction

·       Time management

·       Fiscal planning

·       Strategic analysis

·       Marketing strategy

·       Competitor analyses

·       Public speaking and negotiating skills

·       Emotional Intelligence and mentoring


Workforce Management Skills

If you want to make sure your staff are working as a coherent team at peak performance, then our trainers and coaches can help you by creating a positive organisational culture. You will reduce costs by reducing staff turnover, sick leave, miscommunication and poor performance. We will help you to increase your Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence – critical skills required to manage staff and ensure workplace morale is kept high.

Mindreset Corporate Holistic Services offers a range of corporate wellness programs, workshops and seminars that can support you in improving staff performance and reducing business costs.

Areas that we cover include:

·       Using Emotional Intelligence (EI) to inspire passion, creativity and confidence amongst your staff

·       Team building, instilling team values, building successful teams

·       Becoming an employer of choice, to attract and retain the best staff

·       Stress management, meditation and relaxation techniques

·       Promoting positivity in your workplace through positive psychology, mindfulness                      meditation and resiliency

·       Communication skills

·       Staff health and fitness initiatives

·       Optimising management interaction with staff


Personal Wellness Skills

Our wellness coaches are experts at helping you achieve a healthy work life balance. This is sometimes referred to as “wellness coaching” or “health and wellness coaching”. Some of the areas our wellness coaches cover include:

·       Stress management

·       Health and fitness

·       Resiliency, positive psychology and Emotional Intelligence

·       Values and integrity

·       Achieving your personal goals


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